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EasyMTU for Windows NT!

Many people asked me if EasyMTU works for NT too. I didn't knew wich registry settings to change so I searched on the internet and the Microsoft Technet CD for more information about MaxMTU.
Here's what I found out:
The Windows NT 3.5x/4.0 TCP/IP stack was designed to self-tune itself in most environments. It means that it changes the settings for MTU, MSS and DefaultRcvWindow on the fly, depending on the route on the internet. It will start with large settings and changes them to lower if nessesary.
This seems OK but I think that the routing on the internet changes so much that it costs to much time to change the settings.
If there's enough interest in a EasyMTU for Windows NT, I'll add the possibility to EasyMTU.
Send a email to with: 'Yes! EasyMTU for NT' in the subject. Some people have tested the EasyMTU beta for NT and I got some great reactions. Giuseppe Cannavo, thanks for the background!
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