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On this page you can find a example program for creating a winamp frontend with Delphi. The first page is the source for a component. The second page is an example program with the components.
I assume that you have Delphi experience because there's no errorchecking in the component and program. I hope that if you make it a better you'll send me a copy of it.

Gostar and I made a nice frontend for Winamp with the winampcall component. We only tested it with winamp 2+ because it uses a call only availible in winamp 2+. The other functions could work on winamp 2- but we didn't test it. The plugin works on Windows 95/98 but doesn't work on Windows NT.

Copy remote.dll to the winamp\plugins directory.
Start Winamp and press ctrl-K to open the Winamp preferences.
Choose Winamp remote control from the plugin list.
Press start to open the remote control.

You can drag the window by clicking on the led above the 50% button. If you click right on the window, a option menu will popup.