The text on the buttons is gone!

You've probably installed Internet explorer 5. IE5 installed a new common DLL. Since then,the text is gone. There's no solution yet.

The cachesize is greyed out. How can I enable it?

The cachesize is only availeble when you have Netbeui installed. If it's greyed out you won't need it.

Since I've used EasyMTU, the download speed is down!

Just restore suggested values. You already have maximum speed.

Since I've used EasyMTU, the Local Area Network speed is down!

Check if you've selected the right adapter on the bindings page. Try to restore the DefaultRcvWindow to default.

Does EasyMTU work for Cable modem, network, ISDN etc.?

I cannot test it because I don't have all the equipment. Just try it.

What are the right settings for Netscape / Internet explorer?

MaxMTU is browser independend. It changes the network protocol settings.

How do I know if it's working?

You can try a 'before' and 'after' benchmark and see if it makes a difference. If it doesn't then the default settings are the best you can get.

Why doesn't you reply my e-mail? I did say it was URGENT!

I get a lot of e-mail every day. Most questions are included in this list. Because all my programs are free, I cannot give support.

Hey! I like your programs. Can you make a program for me that does XYZ? Or do you know where I can find it?

I'm sorry. All of my free time goes to my family and developing my own free programs. For real freeware go to

Does EasyMTU work with Dun 1.3?

Probably not. Dun 1.3 uses a complete different method for package sizes. It's more like Win 98 so Dun 1.3 is an improvement over Dun 1.2 and lower. A friend of my had troubles with Dun 1.3 so I didn't try it myself.

What do all these technical terms mean (MaxMTU, TTL, DefaultRcWindow etc.)?

Look in the help for a short description. Search at microsoft, altavista or buy a book about TCP/IP.

Can you teach me how to make such great programs?

No I'm sorry. Buy a good book from Marco Cantu.

Why is it free? Doesn't it work?

EasyMTU does exactly work like the programs you have to pay for. There are those people who lead you to you believe they use 'magic' for improving speed. But it's really simple. Everybody (even people like me with a little brain) and some experience using Delphi can write a program like EasyMTU.
I thought lots of people could use this program--that's why Iím giving it away for free. The only difference with commercial programs is that you don't get support from me. But the program is so easy to use that you don't need support :-)

What makes the difference?

  • It's Free! I hate small utilities that cost more than an operating system.
  • You know you're only changing the settings for your dial-up adapter so your registry remains clean.
  • It has support for Windows 95/98, Windows NT and AOL users!
  • You can choose the dial-up adapter from a pull-down box so all languages are supported.
  • It contains a easy to use auto calculate option. Just enter MaxMTU and a multiplier and the MaxMSS and DefaultRcwWindow are calculated.
  • Is it safe to use?

    Yes! EasyMTU doesn't make any changes to the registry until you press the save button. Before saving the settings, you can check the bindings page where the settings are stored. EasyMTU can restore the default settings. Thousands of people are using EasyMTU and I haven't received mail from any of them saying that EasyMTU damaged their registry.

    Should I use EasyMTU every time I make a connection?

    No. You can always change the settings for TCP/IP manually. EasyMTU just makes it easy to change the right key. The settings are kept in the registry until you restore the default settings with EasyMTU.

    Why only for the dial-up adapter?

    Some people asked me why EasyMTU only works for the dial-up adapter. Most people who use Windows 95 and browse the Internet using a dial-up adapter for the connection. For example, I have an Ethernet network for sharing files and use a dial-up adapter for connecting to the Internet (X.25). The standard MaxMTU size for X.25 is 576 and for Ethernet 1500. So if I change the MaxMTU for my network adapter, my private network slows down. The general rule for MaxMTU is to change it to 576 when TCP/IP is only used for connecting to the Internet. See Default MTU Size for Different Network Topology  for more info.

    Does EasyMTU work on Windows 98 and Windows NT?

    Many people asked me if EasyMTU works for Windows NT and Windows 98 too and it does!

    How does it work

    Windows 95 default has a MaxMTU of 1500. That means that packets of 1500 bytes are sent over the Internet. Most routers on the internet have a MaxMTU of 576. That means your 1500 byte packet is fragmented in 3 packets.

    The original packet

    The packets after fragmentation.
    The grey parts are data.
    The blue parts are headers and footers.
    The red part of the last block is useless space.

    With fragmentation the speed goes down because it generates a lot of useless space. If you set your MaxMTU to 576 there will be less unwanted fragmentation so speed goes up. So the suggested value for MaxMTU is 567.