Other information about speeding up your modem

Changing the MaxMTU setting was not my idea. I just made a program to make it easy. Follow the links below for more information about MaxMTU.

George's Windows 95 tips page (w95-11d.zip section registry.txt). Here's where I got the idea for the program. You can find information about changing the settings manually. He also got more information about speeding up Windows 95. The Windows 95 tips are a must for every Windows 95 user!
Al's winsock tuning faq. A faq where all the settings are explained.
Article Q158474 in Microsoft's Knowledge Base. The document for Windows 95.
Default MTU Size for Different Network Topology
Modem FAQ -- Curt's High Speed Modem Page (28.8/33.6/56 kbps Modem Tips & Tricks) Information about other options than MaxMTU for tweaking the modem